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The purpose of this website is to provide detailed descriptions of each of our tools as well as thorough instructions about their use and care.  Superb ski and snowboard tuning is a process that combines thorough knowledge of the subject, excellent tool handling techniques, and premium tools which are precise as to their results and are easy to use.  This website is focused on exactly those components; it is primarily an instructional site not a marketing site.

Our slogan is simple:

                Ski and snowboard tuning for the honest advantage

                                You can do it, we show you how


We have videos covering all aspects of our tools, both as to use and maintenance. Each category on the index contains the videos that apply to that subject at the top of that subject's page 1.


     Slidewright.com http://www.slidewright.com/ 

Over the last several years we have spent countless hours developing improvements to our tools and better tool handling techniques and procedures.  This website is a compilation of all those improvements and contains the most current and important information.

Is ski and snowboarding tuning with SkiVisions expensive?  NO!

It is true that purchasing the tools is a capital investment, but that is where the costs stop.  Why?  Because we give you thorough techniques for maintaining the cutting inserts so that they last practically forever and their performance never diminishes.  Strong claim?  Yes.  But true.

We don't include instructions with the tools; the instructions are in this website.  Why?  The instructions are updated several times each year as we get questions from customers and realize that the instructions can be improved.  We ask our customers to review the instructions periodically for changes and to refresh their recollection, there is a great deal of information in these instructions, much of it is easily forgotten.

About Us

I'm Mark Sewell.  I have been ski tuning over 40 years and have been making SkiVisions tools for over 25 years.  If you are using a SkiVisions tool, I probably made it.  I started SkiVisions because I was very dissatisfied with the ski tuning tools then available. They were crude, cumbersome, imprecise and ineffective on the then new sintered base skis.  I wanted tools that were quick and efficient to use and produced precise results, so I had to make them myself.  And so I did.

I make serious tools, with serious components, for serious skiers.  All tools are molded with the best engineering grade plastics, all threaded inserts are brass, the cutting inserts are custom manufactured according to my specifications, and are cut and finished by me. The tools are made to last a lifetime; only the cutting inserts are replaced as worn.

Remember, I am here to help you, and I have taught numerous new and experienced tuners through emails.

Finally, ski tuning has always been cloaked in mystery, a secret possessed by only a few.  That thought is a total fiction; there is nothing mysterious about it and one of my primary objectives is to remove any thought that great ski tuning is a secret.  We provide transparency into the tuning mystery.  You can do it, we show you how.

Contact Us: mark.sewell3@gmail.com